Robbi C-31-SMDid you know that it takes the average college student six years to complete a four-year undergraduate degree? That’s an additional 2+ years of stress, juggling, time, energy, effort and money.

When you choose to attend college, the results should be more than a piece of paper, a mound of debt and a bunch of unmet expectations stretched out over 6+ years.

Much of our higher education system is run like a business, which is good for the higher education system, not so much for students. It’s basically become one big game with lots of hidden rules.

I’m committed to helping you sift and sort through the clutter. I’ll share proven strategies and disciplines to ease your stress and help you and your family feel less overwhelmed; help you make some sweet connections; share pertinent info, and teach you how to use some handy tools to build a solid bridge over the sometimes turbulent waters and unexpected obstacles to YOUR ultimate goal.

If you decide to hang out in my space, you’ll notice a few themes:

  1. I’m a fierce student advocate
  2. I’m fascinated with the wacky world of work
  3. I’m angry that students are being duped into believing that college is THE answer
  4. I’m passionate about helping you play the rules of the college game smarter

I have a unique vantage point and a unique approach to advocating for students and their families. I’m a former college instructor. I attended college as a non-traditional student. I’ve worked in the corporate and non-profit sectors. And, I’ve run a few businesses. Basically, I’ve spent time across all of the work sectors, and I’ve worked with thousands of students as an educator, mentor or coach.

Students are my favorite people, which is why I’m committed to helping them complete their four-year degree in four years or less, one student at a time.

If you want that too, dear student, let’s start by determining if you are as prepared for college as you could be. Take this short quiz and find out.

If you’re a parent, let’s start by determining if you are as prepared for your child to attend college as you could be? Take this short quiz for parents and find out.

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