1:1 Mentoring



(college applications, college funds & self-management prep)

Is your high school junior/senior ready to identify and visit (if possible) his or her schools of choice, determine costs, deadlines, details, etc. related to the college applications process? Have they gathered all of the necessary info about their high school experience? Do they have a professional presence online? Has your high school junior/senior completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), if applicable? Do you have a four-year financial plan that includes ALL of the necessary costs to attend college? Has your child actively pursued at least ten scholarships to fill in the financial gaps? Does he/she know some of the hidden approaches to identifying and applying for scholarships? How are their self-management skills – time/energy/attention management, knowledge of strengths, motivation, self-confidence, self-awareness, professionalism, etc? Our work together will address all of the above and more to help them research, plan and prepare for their college launch.

(strengthen academic skills/transition network building)

Being a good or even great student in high school doesn’t mean they’ll be a good or great one in college. College requires a different mindset and set of skills that many high schoolers simply have not been prepped to handle. Oftentimes, students have challenges in the following areas: note taking, problem solving, oral communication, written communication, study skills, test taking, etc. Are they building and maintaining a strong support network of peers, mentors, college support, community support, etc? We’ll assess where your child is strong and where he or she could use a little support, then we’ll create a plan to improve those academic skills that need sharpening and begin building their transition network.


The first year of college for many students is the most challenging. Many are dealing with being away from their families for the first time, they’re lonely, overwhelmed and/or navigating a totally new territory that, in most cases, they haven’t been properly prepped for. And, unfortunately, its the year that a significant number of students end on academic probation or call it quits altogether and drop out. We’ll shine a spotlight on the biggest challenges your child will face, and design a plan that includes understanding how to ward off these challenges before they take root. And, we’ll establish an accountability plan during that first year – each semester we’ll set them up for success at the beginning, evaluate mid-term, and evaluate again at the end. During my experience leading several first-year classes as a college instructor, I know this can be a tough year for students, and most won’t admit it or ask for help. I’ll partner with your child to set him or her up for success during their first year and establish a strong foundation going forward.

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CHOOSE WORK CONSCIOUSLY (how to successfully transition from college to work)
Are you prepared to successfully transition into your work of choice? It begins with self-management preparedness, includes understanding your work selection process and continues with your professional network and ongoing development. We’ll work together to make sure you have the tools you need and know how to skillfully use them to build bridge to work of choice and desired lifestyle.


GETTING BACK ON TRACK (custom service)
Many college students need a little help getting unstuck along their college path. Where do you need the most help getting back on track to make as smooth a transition as possible into your work or graduate program of choice? We’ll have an honest and open discussion using my detailed assessment to determine specific areas where you might need some support. Then, we’ll make a plan and get to work achieving your goals.

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NOTE: I personally mentor only a handful of students who are committed and actively engaged in their education process. And I work only with the student during this process, as I believe it is important that they’re accountable and take responsibility to create a map and navigate their success over the next four years.