Did you know a four-year bachelor’s degree takes the average U. S. college student 5+ years to complete? A solid plan prior to launch is key. Take my COLLEGE PREP QUIZ to find out if you’re as prepared as you could be. Also, ask me about my Finish-N-4 approach for high school juniors and seniors.

You want the best for your child and you want to see him or her successfully complete their degree on time and successfully move into their work of choice or their graduate program of choice.

Accomplishing this requires an investment of time, energy, effort and resources and a commitment to doing what it takes. When students play it smart and begin planning when they start, they can avoid many of the pitfalls that typically burden unprepared students throughout their college years.

The more intentional you are the better your outcome. I’m committed to helping students play the college game smarter so they can get where and what they want faster with less stress, less juggling, less time, less energy, less effort and less money.

When you and your child are ready to move forward, here’s what I offer:

1:1 Mentoring 

Group Mentoring


Got questions, want to discuss the details? Schedule a Complimentary College Prep Consultation.