High School Students

If you want . . . 

  • some insight into who you are, what you want to do and what kind of life you want
  • to identify your interests and the college culture that best suites your innate talents, skills, personality and natural rhythm
  • to explore a major that actually helps you find your work of choice
  • to find some alternatives to funding your college educationFrustratedStudentsBlueBubble
  • to get some real help & genuine support before, during and after you’ve reach yourdesired destination
  • to create a solid plan to successfully transition from high school to your work orcollege of choice
  • to get clear about next steps you can take to move forward TODAY


Here’s the thing . . . 

We live in a time of unprecendented opportunity and possibility, which means your first job is to find out who you really are, what you really care about and what you really want to contribute so you can choose college consciously.

You’re the only YOU expert! 

My role is to attentively guide you and create the safe place you need to explore your options and learn to trust your inner knowing.

When you partner with me, it may take some time, energy, effort and resources to move you into your college of choice, but with a tailored assessment of what makes you tick, and a solid plan of proven tips, tools and techniques, you can do it.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and get on with designing, planning and constructing that bridge to where and what you want.

While you consider if you’d like to partner with me to help you fast track to finish your degree in four years vs. the national average of 6+ years, check out . . . 


I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, which is one of my top recommended reads for young people who aren’t clear about what they want to do and don’t know how to go about getting it. Barbara Sher is one of my author faves on the topic of figuring out what kind of life you want to create. With chapters like: I Want Too Many Things, I’m All Over the Map; On the Wrong Track and Moving Fast; Nothing Ever Interests Me; and A Rage Against the Ordinary there’s great advice for every student. It’s an easy read filled with simple and timely insights. GET IT, READ IT, APPLY IT, SHARE IT!

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