E-book, Checklists, Infographics, etc.

Finish-N-4™ Fundamentals to College Launch Checklist
For parents and aspiring college students as they prep for their 2018-2019 college launch. Read the BIG blog post, The Fundamentals to Launch Game Plan for a Four-Year College Degree (to be completed in 4 Years, not 5+), chocked-full of helpful information.

Launch to Finish-N-4™ Infographic
A cool infographic with some basic considerations for aspiring college students as they prep for their 2018-2019 college launch.

College Require & Desire Questions
If aspiring college students move through this extensive list before they begin identifying which colleges to research and apply to, they’ll make a much more informed decision. It’s so important to address WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHO, WHERE AND HOW MUCH throughout the entire preparation process.

College Culture Questions
Every student is different. Every college is different. Aspiring college students want to apply to a college(s) that will provide an experience that helps them blossom – nurture their interests, align with their personality and natural rhythm, provide support and a host of other considerations. This is a list of questions to help them begin exploring their college culture preferences.

The Student Playbook
This is a great resource to help students get unstuck and boldly go after what they want. It’s packed with easy to follow guidelines, tips and proven solutions to get students thinking, planning and taking next steps immediately. Audio Version.

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