I’m a HUGE super hero fan, especially of the Marvel Universe. They’ve done an incredible job capturing the spirit of Marvel’s heroes on screen. My latest ooo, la, la is The Black Panther. Saw it this past weekend and loved it! I plan to see it again, AND purchase the DVD.

Still reading I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years; I Hope I Screw This Up; The Oversoul Seven Trilogy; and on Audible I’m listening to A Force For Good: The Dalai Lamas Vision for Our World and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One. 

February 2018, we launched Orange Duffel Bag’s Coaching for College Completion (CCC), Class 15 at Atlanta Technical College. I love both ODB programs – the after school program and the college program, but I hold a special place in my heart for the college program. My last one was the Fall of 2016, so I was ready to support a new cohort of adult students. These students are committed and fully engaged; I’m lovin’ every second of this experience!!!

Memoir STILL on hold; got a nudge to set that aside for a bit so I could focus on writing a book specific to my work with students and helping them play the college, work and life games smarter, which I’ve still not started…dragging my feet a bit on this goal since I’ve been devoting all of my attention on the “right” platforms to best serve students and how to market them. Stay tuned as I stay tuned, too . . .

I’m polishing up and learning more about how to grow my new podcast audience for The Robbi Crawford Show, for and about students. I moved past ten episodes…woo, hoo! Now, it’s time to find a podcast coach and rev up my podcast engine. 

I’m looking forward to lots of rich personal and professional adventures this year – going on a dance cruise in February, looking into an outdoor retreat in Idaho and some other goodies that I’m eager to explore and taste. Got bunches to do with my wild and precious life in 2018…here’s to a fun, healthy, joyful, loving, prosperous and ever-expansive year filled with perfect self-expression . . . wooo, hooo!!!

 last updated February 21, 2018