Hi! Robbi here, just call me “transition queen" with my track record of working across multiple sectors - corporate, academia, nonprofit and business owner - in tens of positions, contributing to the wacky world of work in six different states.

After a dad mandated year of full-time work right after graduating from high school, I decided to serve as a domestic missionary. For 11 years I worked primarily part-time and at times full-time in a variety of positions in the corporate sector to support this life choice.

When my world and self views shifted drastically, difficult transitions demanded addressing a host of new challenges. Describing this time period as arduous, uprooting and leaving a religious community where I was firmly established and it was all I knew, is an understatement.

Starting from zero, it took years of self-exploration, discovery and coaching sprinkled with a little therapy to assess, fill the huge crater that remained, and build the life of joy, meaning fulfillment and contribution that I vigilantly guard today.

After completing an executive assistant program, it became clear that a degree to establish and expand my career was necessary, so I pursued my undergrad degree as a non-traditional student. Initially, my goal was to secure a communications degree and blaze a path to President of Human Resources at a company I loved. I dived in, but I just wasn’t feeling that "whole body hell yeah" I was seeking. After changing my major three times, I went on to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in sociology, and managed to squeeze a six-week study abroad experience to Ghana, Africa in between…life changing!

Then, I thought I would nab a Ph.D. and nestle into the academic arena, teaching and researching in my areas of interest. However, a front row seat observing academic politics made it clear that I ONLY wanted to teach, a tenured position was simply not my “just right” path. I started teaching as a full time lecturer and soon after became very interested in the sociology of work.

After graduation, I started teaching at a local community college and four-year university. A year later, I learned about professional coaching, which I knew would serve as an amazing addition to my platform of experience (felt that "whole body hell yeah"). I went on to complete a coaching certification program and continued to serve as a graduate assistant and co-instructor for that program for the next six years. I also secured a career coach certification.

I've trekked through lots of experiences related to personal and professional loss, discrimination, failure, recovery and transformation, like I said earlier, just call me "transition queen!" I've since launched my own coaching biz, left academia, partnered with a non profit to coach homeless and foster youth, led classes as a Zumba instructor and served as an area director for the largest and most successful business networking organization.

Although I'm no longer leading classes as an instructor, I’m still a Zumba enthusiast, participating 4x a week. You'll also find me at theater all over enjoying movies on the big screen several times a month (love story telling on the big screen) and I have an ongoing love affair with yarn, yup, I'm also a fiber artist.

Now, I get to partner with and support you while you design your “just right” lifestyle and discover your "whole body hell yeah” work life. Ready to get started? Visit my Ama La Vida profile HERE and sign up for a complimentary consultation. I'd love to meet you and learn more about where you are right now, some of the challenges you may be facing and where you'd like to land next

First, explore your who, what and why, then figure out the when, where and how.