Healthy eating & exercising during your summer break

By BrijBrand Contributor, Stacy D. Fehlinger

It’s finally summer and you probably have a vacation planned before school starts again. Maybe you are going somewhere with your family or maybe a few of your friends are taking a trip somewhere fun.

If you are trying to lose weight and/or trying to eat healthy, your vacation doesn’t have to wreck your health & wellness goals.

Of course, you’ll splurge a bit on vacation, but I can offer a few tips to keep you on track while vacationing:

  1. Research, Research and More ResearchAs you researched your vacation destination, also research the restaurants near where you are staying. The majority of restaurants even those that aren’t major chain restaurants have a website where you can check out their menus for healthier fare.
  1. Shop Local – Search for local farmers markets to purchase fresh produce to take on a picnic or to have on hand where you are staying. If you are lucky enough to stay in a condo or house, this is a great way to also save money on your trip.
  1. Share a Meal – Many restaurants serve meals that are actually two or three times an actual portion size. You can split the meal with your family member or friend or ask for a to-go container and box up ½ of the meal when it arrives to eat the following day. This will help you save money too.
  1. Share that Delectable Dessert -When ordering dessert, share it with your friend or family member and save ½ the amount of fat and calories and you won’t feel deprived as skipping it altogether.

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stop your current exercise routine.

For example, if you have been losing weight and exercising 5 times a week, you can continue your exercise routine on vacation.

Depending on where your vacationing, the possibilities for exercise are endless!

  1. Staying at the Beach? – If you’re at a beach destination, take a 30- minute brisk walk or run on the beach. If staying in a mountainous region, go on a 30-minute hike on a trail.
  1. Ride a Bike – Many vacation destinations offer bike rentals as a way to explore the city. Rent a bike for a day or a few hours and burn off those extra vacation calories.
  1. Prefer Exercising Indoors? -If you prefer to exercise indoors instead of outside, bring along some lightweight easy to pack resistance bands and stretch bands. Then find an on-line quick workout or make up one of your own and exercise in the privacy of your hotel room. Many exercises do not require much room.

Wherever your summer adventures take you, I hope you have fun and won’t be too upset when you hit the scale for the 1st time after returning home.

Healthy Regards & Safe Travels . . .

SmallStacyFehlingerAvatarStacy D. Fehlinger is a Certified Health Coach & Owner of Healthy & Fit 4 Life, LLC. She teaches her clients what she calls “The Real Food Lifestyle.” Visit her websiteat or connect with her on Facebook at

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