Practicing asking the right questions, in the opinion of some, has become a skill many have lost. As we grow older, many ask fewer and fewer questions.

In my humble opinion, I believe our collective lack in this area has resulted in a deficit of understanding and empathy, many unnecessary and inflated conflicts (from what we classify as mild disagreements to full on war), and a host of other challenges we face on a daily basis.

I believe any failure on our part to include asking simple, yet powerful questions in our daily lives can significantly hinder our progress – personally and professionally, and our overall well-being.


Having said that, I stumbled upon a graduation speech from 2016 that went viral (above is an excerpt). It not only sparked tons of online conversation, it’s now expanded upon in a short book with the title, Wait, What?: And Life’s Other Essential Questions.

Learning to ask the right questions is an invaluable skill that I strongly encourage you to add to your quiver of skills, now, as a college student, and keep as you transition into your work of choice and desired lifestyle.

Check out the book, if it resonates with you, and listen to James Ryan’s On Point interview for more info.


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