Take few moments and imagine yourself doing work bores you to tears. Can you see yourself simply going through the motions?

Disengaged and unfulfilled, time drag along in slow motion. You watch the clock, yawn, are frustrated out of your mind, and perhaps thinking how much you hate what you are doing.

Maybe you procrastinate often, allowing yourself to be distracted by other menial tasks just to delay the inevitable. You see yourself anywhere but where you are.

If you take a step back and examine the situation, you’ll realize that you’ve allowed yourself to drift into this state of boredom; you’ve allowed the quality of your work to slip into shoddiness.

I’ve experienced work situations like this, too. This is a perfect example of misalignment. Misalignment grabs us by the hand and yanks us right into situations like this.

Ask yourself…

How did I get here? Why am I engaged in this joyless, unfulfilling work? Why haven’t I asked for what I want? What am I afraid of? Why am I wasting valuable time doing work that could be used to engage in work that is more fulfilling? Why have I compromised my integrity and drifted into a state of mediocrity, producing less than quality work?

Your first response could be, “Because I had no choice.” Is this true? Don’t we always have a choice?

Next, ask: “Why have I created this situation for myself?” “How can I create a new situation where I am engaged in more joyful and fulfilling work”?

When you succumb to fear and fail to ask for what you want, or realize you aren’t clear about what you want, you end up stuck in a place you don’t want to be.

So, what is your ideal work situation? What type of work or activity would you like to engage in that brings joy and true fulfillment?

Think about it! Visualize yourself in this kind of situation. Can you see it? Can you feel it?

If you find yourself in a less than ideal work situation, what can you do while you create a better situation?

Is it possible to pour your heart into what you are tasked to accomplish, giving it your best effort, which in turn may motivate you and pave the way for a better situation?

Is this easy to do? Nope.

It will take effort, but in time, you’ll reap rich rewards. Pouring quality into your work is about you – it’s not about the work, or the employer, or the work environment, or the company, it’s about you.

Delivering quality is about you! Everything in our lives is affected by the quality we put into our work.

Isn’t it true that your view of yourself is tied to the quality of work you produce?

Isn’t it true that your happiness and self-respect is tied to the quality of your work?

Do you agree that your entire outlook on life can shift based on the level of quality you infuse into your work?

Give this some serious thought.

Whether you are in a less than ideal work situation, fully engaged in a work situation that brings joy and fulfillment, or in a work situation that falls somewhere in between, wouldn’t it be cool, to make your life slogan “QUALITY”?!?

Imagine the shift that could occur in the world if we all embraced the QUALITY slogan.

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