Sometimes, we have students who can’t move on from college.

We all love it when students come back to say “Hi” and catch up.

They breathlessly tell us all about their new job or how their life is progressing – got married, new baby, new home, all the ways they are moving forward in the post college world.

They reminisce about favorite classes or faculty. They make the rounds to tell everyone how great they are doing, how much they appreciate all the help and support they got at college and it’s a feel good moment all around.

But somedays, we get the “stuck” student. You know the one, they can’t disconnect from college.

Not to paint every graduate with the same brush, but sometimes the “needball” student that we worked so hard to get graduated, comes back without the fabulous story.

Often, they are expecting us to drop what we are doing to talk to them about why they have been unsuccessful in getting a job. Or, they are hunting down faculty to see if her or she can “get them a job.”

We love our alumni, but come on, we feel like we did our job. We educated you; you got a diploma, now go get a job.

This is my own personal opinion here, but getting an education does not necessarily prepare you for a job.

Some students never work and only use student loans to live on. Sure, their school work is their “job” but going to class and doing assignments vs. a solid 8-5 gig just may not be in the cards for some students.

Some folks are just *gasp* lazy. They don’t want to do any work to get work.

Sounds counter-productive and it is.

As Higher Ed is moving more and more towards an enabling environment, I feel we are setting up some students for failure.

educationnotprepforworkAssignment late? We’ll give you an extension.

Missed a test? We’ll arrange to have you make it up.

This sort of forgiveness will not be tolerated in the workplace.

Forgot about a project? You might get a warning, but if it’s a big enough project, you will get fired.

Miss a deadline? Not in the real world buddy. Did you get away with this behavior in College? Sadly, yes.

There’s got to be a better way to prepare some of these students for life after college.

I believe what my partner Robbi does is crucial in getting students on the right track for work of their choice; by sitting them down and taking them through an in depth and introspective process of targeted questions and answers that makes them THINK and not just react to what’s around them.

Unfortunately, you’ve got to want to do better to actually do better.

Sounds like we are trying to change human behavior and maybe we are!

We strongly encourage you to consider signing up for a mentoring session. Visit our website, click services and check out what’s currently offered. Perhaps this is that nudge in right direction you’ve been looking for.

smallksavatarKathryn Siggelko has worked in Higher Education for over 15 years. She’s part of the BrijBrand Crew and a contributing blogger. Subscribe below and connect with us – share your ideas, topics, challenges, etc. and we’ll keep you in the loop about what we’re building for you at BrijBrand!

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