I’ll mention resolutions only one time, in this sentence, as they can be cool ways to grow and expand in any new year, but most of the time they suck because folks get excited for a few days then kick those resolutions to the curb, and get discouraged because they realize they’re really not going to keep most if not all of them.

I’d like to suggest intentional planning as you move into the new year to solve some of your real challenges.

Most students seldom plan intentionally; they just jump into the semester without a clue about what they want, why they want it and how to get it.

Every semester turns into a game of catchup, a hamster wheel run, an exhausting game of chasing your tail.

Stop it!

There really is a better way, if you really want one, but it requires both a long-term and short-term view.

You can do it, it just takes some upfront, undistracted, focused time and the results will speak for themselves.

Have you ever planned for your semester?

Here are a few targeted questions to ask yourself that just may help you ease into and out of the Spring semester like the champion you are.

  • Have I really looked at my class schedule to determine the days, times, and locations of my classes BEFORE school starts?
  • Have I taken some time to write/type out my schedule taking into consideration work, school, playtime with friends and personal me time (what days and times am I working, what days and times am I attending classes, what days or times am I going to set aside to hang out with friends and family, what days or times am I going to set aside time to take care of me – do something fun or relaxing just for me)?
  • Have I organized my days so I get the sleep I need (how many hours of sleep do you need to feel rested – 6, 7, 8) and head to bed at the right time to ensure I get the hours of rest needed to function at maximum energy?
  • Speaking of energy, have I taken into consideration when I’m typically at peak energy and setup my schedule to maximize my energy? For example, if you’re a high energy morning person, then plan to accomplish your most important tasks in the morning and leave the mindless or lower energy tasks/activities for later in the day. If you’re a high energy afternoon or evening person, do your most important tasks during those peak energy times. NOTE: it’s more about how you manage/use your energy throughout the day versus managing your time.
  • Have I included time to study for each class, about 2-3 hours per week? Yeah, this sounds like a lot right now, but if you start with 2-3 hours and do some experimenting early in the semester, about four weeks or so in, you’ll know what works best for you and can decrease or increase this time as needed. If you commit to being disciplined in this area, it’ll help you avoid or at least reduce procrastination.

These questions are a great launching point.

If you take that time early on to make a plan and embrace the schedule that works best for you, you’ll see a return on your investment.

Ultimately, YOUR success is going to depend on how focused, committed, disciplined and persistent you are.

Will it be easy? OF COURSE NOT!

Keep in mind why you’re doing all of this…you have the goal of graduating with your degree of choice so you can get on with the business of doing the work you love, contributing the way you deeply desire.

Whenever you get overwhelmed, remember the antidote is ACTION – taking one small action moves you one step forward and helps pull you out of the quicksand of overwhelm.

Whenever you feel discouraged, just remember WHY you’re doing all of this and imagine doing the work YOU love and making YOUR dent in the universe YOUR way.

Again, not easy, but TOTALLY worth it.

And know, that we at BrijBrand are always cheering for you and happy to spend some time with you laying this out. We specialize in helping you manage your energy.

Want some help? We’re just an email away. Connect with us at

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