Although the term “podcast” has only been used since 2004, radio broadcasts have been around for decades.

The first radio news broadcast launched in 1920.

Since then, radio has taken its place in a sea of media options that cater to young and old alike. It’s popularity has at times soared and other times dipped based on a number of factors.

Today, because of the ease in which a podcast can be created and launched (practically for free), there’s no shortage of these popular info blasts. You can probably find a podcast that covers any one of your favorite topics, to the woo-woo, to the bazaar.

For me, it’s a great way to take my mind off of a long commute. And, if you’re an info junkie, there’s plenty to satisfy your taste for knowledge.

A few years ago, I created my own podcast that aired several times a month for close to three years; I interviewed folks who love what they do. I loved having the conversations, but keeping it going became quite a time suck; I had other projects I wanted to explore.

Maintaining a podcast is no easy feat, it requires a lot of planning and organization among other skills. And, if you want to create a large following, you need a long-term, robust marketing plan.

I’ve since wrapped up this project, but not without a lot of learning on both sides of the mic. Now, I’m a huge fan of several podcasts that I look forward to listening to every week.

Some of my faves include: Unmistakable Creative, Fresh Air, On Pointe, The Tim Ferriss Show, Does College Matter, and The Art of Charm – some are live and some are pre-recorded, and I’m always eager to know the next topic each one is going to cover.

Not an audio fan?

Neither was I, but I challenged myself as a diehard visual to at least give podcasts a try, as I was in desperate need of a worthwhile distraction while driving in ATL traffic.

Now, I’m hooked.

Take a peek (below) at just a few of the many podcast links out there to see if any of the shows in their lineup tickle your fancy.

Blog Talk Radio

NPR Podcast Directory


Sound Cloud


After you find one, two or more that you enjoy, share them here. Others may be interested in checking ’em out!

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