We are sliding into the holiday season. The stores have been decorated since Halloween, there is Christmas music on and cities are putting up their holiday displays. It should be a magical time of year.

For some students, it is, for some students, it’s not.

Holidays come with added stress. Beyond what to get Aunt Mary for Christmas, the end of the semester is looming.

The Thanksgiving break was a welcome respite from exams and papers for many of you. Many unplugged, went home and ate too much. Others, not so much.

Some students decided the break was when they “got their sh*t together” and buckled down to actually read their books, write those masterful papers or really study hard for those finals coming up the first week in December.

Unfortunately, that was probably too late. For many, they missed too many classes, failed to turn in assignments and completely missed out on any extra credit opportunities offered during the semester.

This is the time of year when those panicked students are frantically trying to contact professors to “see what they can do about their grade” and “can I do extra credit”? It’s inevitable. We get this every semester.

The student’s know they screwed up, but Grandma June was at Thanksgiving asking all about college and grades and most students just wanted to avoid that conversation at all costs. News flash, so does your Professor.

They really don’t enjoy pointing out that you should have come to class, turned in all assignments, actually read the material, blah, blah, blah.

We in academia beat our heads against a wall each semester stating the obvious – go to class, take good notes, turn in all assignments, study for tests, turn in your paper on time. It seems so simple and yet so impossible for some students to do.

My hope is that this was a one-time lesson that you learned and won’t repeat, if this scenario was yours.

This type of behavior would not be tolerated in a workplace.

Imagine if everyone came back from the Thanksgiving break and did all the work they were supposed to be doing since August. Nightmare.

We wouldn’t have a new President (that’s a whole other rant).

So, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break, ate some turkey and told Grandma June you are doing just fine, and are rocking your classes and expect a 4.0 for this semester!

smallksavatarKathryn Siggelko has worked in Higher Education for over 15 years. She’s part of the BrijBrand Crew and a contributing blogger. Connect with us – share your ideas, topics, challenges, etc. and we’ll keep you in the loop about what we’re building at BrijBrand just for you!

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