Are you currently shoulding all over yourself?

You know, making decisions and behaving day to day based on what you believe you “should” be doing?

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop, and read this.

If you continue shoulding all over yourself, you’ll find yourself out of sync with your natural rhythm (more about this in future posts), out of YOUR lane, dissatisfied and/or miserable, if you’re not already there.

Following the “should” path can leave you numb. Numb to what YOU deeply desire, what lights YOU up, YOUR perfect self-expression and contribution.

In the intro of her book, Elle Luna, author of The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion states in big bold letters, boxed in green:


I encourage you to read the words above three times!

Go ahead, read it, read it again, then read it again. Read a few more times if you like. Just stop and really consider what she’s saying here.

Does this resonate with you? Did you think about someone you care about?

The Crossroads of Should and Must, available on Amazon

She goes on to say that the pages of her book “are a pep talk to honor that voice inside of you that says you have something special to give…”

This book is one of the simplest and most genuine examinations of the choices we make everyday, related to life and career, that I have ever read. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best books on these big topics. I place it among my top three books to read in 2016 and among my top twenty faves of all time in this category.

It’s a beautiful what, why, how to, that holds your attention from the first to the last page.


Also, click here for an interview with Elle Luna on the Unmistakable Creative podcast.

Share your thoughts below about this topic, the book, or the interview. We’d love to know how this information landed for you.

And, more importantly, tell us what needs to change in order for you to shift your life from one that follows the path of “should” to one that follows the path of “must.”

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