Achievement vs. Contribution: The Power of WHY

Do you find yourself riding the treadmill of busy-ness, everyday checking off boxes, getting things done, only to feel exhausted and depleted at the end of the day?

Performing at maximum capacity and achieving goals is often the aim, but what if answering a simple question and making a few simple adjustments could shift you and your worklife in a more fulfilling and meaningful direction, would you be willing to answer that question and make those adjustments?

These are just a few of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • Biggest mistakes most students are making right now & how to avoid them
  • Key questions to ask yourself right NOW
  • The difference between managing energy and managing time
    and much more…

WHEN:   Wednesday, November 9th
TIME:       1 pm – 4 pm
WHERE:  Kennesaw State University Main Campus, Clendenin Bldg. Room 1009

KSU Students ONLY, visit this link, scroll down to this event, RSVP, and you’re in!

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