At least once a month or when I get a strong nudge, I’ll share one of my book faves. There are SO many great books out there that are serious resources to help you navigate the challenges associated with being a college student. I’d like to address one challenge in particular: Identifying your just right work.

It’s never too early or too late to take your life into your own hands and create what you want.

– Laurence G. Boldt

You’ll come to know, as a raving Bypass fan (we do hope you come to appreciate our little blog and come back for a taste of what we’re serving up on a regular basis), that we, unapologetically, promote finding your just right work, work you love.

We don’t stand with the naysayers who steer you away from seeking work you love. Although there intentions are noble, their desire to prod you into a more realistic and practical job search just doesn’t settle well with us. There are just too many opportunities available and possibilities to explore, if you’re open minded, willing and committed to honoring what excites you.

Many who promote a more traditional approach to navigating college and the world of work have not invested the time, energy, effort or focus to create lives of their choosing. In many cases, they’ve settled for what’s been offered to them in the job buffet line instead of figuring out what they’re really hungry for, and asking where they can find it, or better yet, how they can prepare (create) it.

Why in the world would we passionately encourage an approach that’s not possible? And, why would this just be possible for some and not all?

I’m still scratching my head on this one. We’ll spend some time deconstructing some of the myths, critiques, etc. around identifying the work you love in future posts. And, we’ll unveil and design some creative solutions to help move you through this process after speaking with some of you about your specific challenges in this area.

workyouloveboldtbookimageSpeaking of how to find the work you love, I highly recommend a little book with this exact title, How to Find the Work You Love, by Laurence G. Boldt.

In this small, easy read, Boldt encourages you to deeply reflect on the meaning and purpose of work. Like me, he knows that the work you love calls you, and that now is the best time than any other to heed that call.

He begins with bits of history to establish a case that the world of work has changed considerably, which demands an updated paradigm.

In the new economy, a focus on your purpose and talents trumps one that highlights your personality and skills. That you’re more likely to experience more success, meaning and joy in your work if you make this shift.

There are a ton of assessments out there designed to find which career or job you’re best suited for, but not one of them can tell you who you really are and what you love to do, what truly lights you up. Discovering this takes commitment, determination and persistence, which is well worth a lifetime of creative expression, challenge, joy, meaning and fulfillment.

Filled with rich content, thought-provoking focusing questions, and delicious quotes from those who’ve modeled this kind of working and living, it’s a great way to launch your search for your just right work.

His points are simple and his strategies enlightening as he moves you through what he says are the four key elements to be sought in any life’s work: Integrity, Service, Enjoyment and Excellence.

His observations and experiences contribute to the vast body of work out there that not only supports the reality of engaging in work you love, but also shows you how to find it.

What I love most about this read is it’s take-control-of-your-destiny approach. Although each chapter is filled great suggestions, my favorite is “From the Ideal to the Real Deal,” where he moves the discussion into concrete actions. Check it out, it may become a tiny reference that leads to a big shift in your desired direction.

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