Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to college! Now what?

Many students think that college will be one big party from day one. Wrong! College is work. In fact, if you are lucky enough to not have to work while you are in college (that’s a whole other blog, check out our time/energy management posts (coming soon) if you are doing it all while in school), your time at college can be approached as the foundation for your life’s work.

Many students think (incorrectly) that they can sleep in, skip class and do all their work the day before it is due. If that is how you will be approaching your college experience, I can tell you right now, you will fail, unless you have a photographic memory or some other super power.

College can actually be easy if you follow some common sense guidelines:

Go to class!

Seriously, what else are you doing? Sleeping? You can do that when you’re dead. Go to class.

Take notes! Duh! 

You listening to and taking some smart notes (more on this coming soon) during the lecture will help with filing those concepts in your brain. NOT getting the notes from a classmate. Everyone hears, sees, and learns differently. Don’t chance it, take smart notes on each lecture yourself.

Engage your professor.

Sitting in the back sleeping or texting and surfing the web while your professor is lecturing is not being present in the class. Put your phone away, get your note taking tool of choice out and go to town. While you are listening, be thinking of questions or comments to add to the class discussion; in fact, jot them down in the margins of your notes. Make sure your professor knows you. It may be the difference between a B and an A when they calculate the final grades. Engaged students get higher grades in their classes.

Get organized!

Either on paper or electronically, write out a monthly calendar with daily things to do, when items are due in your class, test dates, etc. Starting your 15-page research paper with at least ten peer reviewed sources at 10pm (due at midnight) is probably a recipe for disaster.

What if your computer crashes?

What if it glitches at 11:59 when you are sending it through Turnitin and emailing it to your professor?

Plan out your process using a calendar and set reminders in your phone.

Your profs are on to you. Don’t be that problem student who is always asking for an extension because YOU failed to be prepared. You will lose a letter grade (or more) if you choose the lazy way of being a student.

Make a few (like minded) friends in each class.

Start a study group.

Not a math fan?

See if there is math tutoring on campus.

Trouble with writing?

See if there is a writing center.

Utilize your campus resources to the fullest while you are a student.

This seems pretty basic (I know right?) but so many students just don’t do it! They skip class because they’re tired, hung over, want to play War Craft, insert any other excuse here_______. They procrastinate. They don’t like their prof. Their prof is out to get them, blah, blah, blah.

In my 15 years of Higher Ed, I’ve heard them all. Guess what? It’s all on YOU!

You have to decide you want to do well in school, you’re here, take responsibility.

You have to make yourself go to class, study, write papers, all of it.

This is college folks, yo’ momma ain’t here. So, put your adult panties, thongs, briefs, boxers on and make your future happen!

College can actually be easy if you follow some common sense guidelines. #BridgeBrand

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LargerKSAvatarKathryn Siggelko has worked in Higher Education for over 15 years. She’s part of the BrijBrand Crew and a contributing blogger. You’re invited to become  part of our community, connect with us and share your ideas, topics, challenges, etc. and we’ll keep you in the loop about what we’re building for just for you!



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